Welcome to Coyote Graphics and thanks for checking out our unique selection of wildlife t's!  We like to offer people a way to connect with the multitudes of creatures that inhabit our earth.  We use eco-friendly inks and 100% cotton shirts from a variety of brands, based on color, fit and the way they work with our water base ink systems.  Our prints are fully washable and will last as long as the shirt holds together (sometimes longer!) We've had customers tell us our shirts have been passed down from sibling to sibling. Our shirts are built to last and are sure to become your favorites!

Phone Number: 1-800-791-2799

Portland, ME area: 207-829-9945

Address: 66 Prince Well Rd., North Yarmouth, ME  04097

About the artist

I've been fascinated by animals for as long as I can remember. As a child growing up in Connecticut the American Museum of Natural History and the Bronx Zoo were my favorite excursions, and my sketchbook would fill with images of gorillas, lizards and dinosaurs when I got home. When we moved to Maine in 4th grade my study hall teacher reprimanded me for drawing creatures during work time, I still hear her words "you'll never make a living doing that". Needless to say that didn't stop me, and I've created wildlife artwork and images ever since. I meticulously study, sketch and illustrate each of our designs, usually from live models when possible. I do all my pre-printing separation work myself, and am directly involved with the proofing and screen printing process. When creating designs I like to match the color patterns of my subject with the background color that will make the most attractive product, so unless otherwise stated each design has it's own shirt color.
When I'm not busy designing shirts I like to spend time outdoors observing and painting landscapes and wildlife. I was chosen to be artist in residence at Baxter State Park (Mount Katahdin) in 2010 , Acadia National Park in 2012, Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve in Alaska in 2015 and most recently enjoyed a residency at National                   Audubon's Hog Island (home of Project Puffin) here in Maine in 2017. To see my watercolor paintings check out my fine art site: mboardman.com